NBA Plays of the Day – 11/2

  1. Plays are based on stats, opposition, and pricing.
  2. FanDuel and DraftKings prices listed respectively.
  3. Averaged 17-18 Season stats after player’s names.
  • Point Guard

Damian Lillard – 25/6/5 [ $9,800 / $9,300 ] Damian Lillard has started the season off great, only scoring under 25 points in 2 out of 8 contests so far. Tonight, Lillard gets the Lakers, who have actually been shockingly solid on the defensive side of the ball this year, with a 100.0 team defense rating – top 6 in the league. However, Lonzo Ball is still a rookie and Dame should be able to give him all he can handle and get what he wants offensively.

Lonzo Ball – 10/7/7 [ $7,000 / $7,100 ] Lonzo Ball has proved to be worthy of the hype, but maybe he’s not the savior for this Lakers team, not yet anyway. Ball is off to a good start and has shown flashes of his triple double potential, coming close on a few occasions. His matchup tonight is one that is very exploitable, as Damian Lillard ranked among the worst point guard defenders last season, with 108.9 defensive rating.

Dejounte Murray – 8/3/6 [ $4,600 / $5,500 ] With Tony Parker out, Dejounte Murray as been the main beneficiary, as Patty Mills has reserved his role on the bench. Murray has seen 20+ minutes in all games to start the season and is in for a challenge against Steph Curry and the Warriors, tonight. Golden State hasn’t quite looked like themselves defensively this year, giving up 114.1 point per game, through their first 8 matches.

  • Shooting Guard

Klay Thompson – 21/2/4 [ $6,800 / $6,700 ] Klay Thompson has been knockdown all year for the Warriors, per usual for the 6’7″ marksman. Thompson is shooting an incredible 43.5% from three, something seemingly unsustainable for most, on nearly 8 attempts per game. All around Klay gives Golden State great minutes, even in garbage time, as well as playing great defense, though facing challenges as a team this year.

Danny Green – 11/1/4 [ $5,000 / $5,000 ] Danny Green is comparable to Klay Thompson, though not hardly on Thompson’s level, he serves a similar role for the Spurs. Green is maintaining a three point percentage of 43.8% and is equally good from inside, shooting 43.5% from the field. Playing just about 30 minutes per game gives him plenty of opportunities against a defensively lacking team, in the Warriors, to have a good night.

Jordan Clarkson – 14/2/2 [ $3,900 / $4,000 ] Jordan Clarkson has seen an uptick in usage with Lou Williams gone, moving up from 23.2% to a superior 32.8%, though a much smaller sample size. Clarkson gives the Lakers plenty of production throughout his time on the court and though it is very early, is shooting the best in his short career. Coming off the bench favors him in this game, very much so if this turns into a blowout. 

  • Small Forward

Kevin Durant – 25/4/7 [ $9,900 / $9,700 ] Since Kevin Durant has come to Golden State he hasn’t necessarily taken a backseat, but has played much smarter and efficiently. Durant boasts an outstanding three ball of 49% and is shooting an amazing 53.3% field goal percentage. KD has impressed from both sides of the court, as he has already accumulated 19 blocks in 8 games.

Brandon Ingram – 14/3/3 [ $5,900 / $5,800 ] Though Brandon Ingram hasn’t been what most had expected, he is still young and figuring it out. Ingram has been average from the field, though undoubtedly better than in his first season, shooting 43.8% and 33.3% from three. This game offers a lot to him, as it will be fast paced and filled with scoring.

Evan Turner – 9/3/4 [ $4,900 / $4,400 ] Evan Turner is one those guys who can give a team great production off of the bench and that’s what he’s done for Portland. Turner isn’t much of a three ball shooter, shooting a dismal 29.8% for his career, but he makes up for it with his all around game of inside shooting and defense. ET plays about 28 minutes and offers more than Harkless.

  • Power Forward

LaMarcus Aldridge – 23/8/1 [ $8,100 / $8,300 ] With Kawhi Leonard and Tony Parker out with injuries, San Antonio has relied heavily on LaMarcus Aldridge. Despite his tough matchup against Draymond Green, Aldridge has looked like the Trailblazer version of him, but with a much better three, shooting 33.3% from downtown. His price point looks a little high for this game, but his usage is just too good.

Draymond Green – 8/8/1 [ $7,700 / $7,200 ] Draymond Green prides himself on his old school, tough nosed defense, as last year’s DPoY. Green and the Warriors have struggled to stop opponents from scoring this year, but the intensity and effort is right there, waiting to be unleashed. His overall game is very comparable to Swiss Army knife, meaning he can do it all.

Larry Nance Jr. – 11/7 [ $5,200 / $5,200 ] The Lakers have had a weird system going on with their power forwards, but Larry Nance Jr. looks like the guy. Nance provides rebounds, defense, and effort to a young team, trying to piece it all together. Though the Trailblazers rebound very well, they will be without Aminu tonight, possibly shifting the tide for LA a bit.

  • Center

Jusuf Nurkic – 13/8/1 [ $7,400 / $5,900 ] Portland has seen most of its usage from its trio and that includes Jusuf Nurkic. His matchup, Brook Lopez, plays more of an outside kind of game, meaning his rebound rate may or may not drop a little this game. Despite that, Nurkic has the clear advantage against Lopez and should be able to put up solid numbers tonight.

Paul Gasol – 10/8/1 [ $6,100 / $5,400 ] Playing just under 25 minutes per game, Paul Gasol has been decent at best to start. Gasol offers just what the Spurs need tonight, an inside game against a rattled Warriors defense. His play style fits perfectly in their system and will allow him to remain on the court at most times.

Brook Lopez – 11/4/1 [ $5,300 / $5,600 ] Brook Lopez has struggled to find a groove this year,  though it is early. Lopez hasn’t shot particularly well, shooting 38.2% from the field and just 26.9% from three – to put that in perspective he shot 34.6% from deep last year with the Nets. This game could right the ship for him against a more inside presence from his opponent Jusuf Nurkic, though he will likely have a hard time on himself on defense.

Extras: Curry, Caldwell-Pope, Gay, Kuzma, Davis.

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