NBA Plays of the Day – 10/31

  1. Plays are based on stats, opposition, and pricing.
  2. FanDuel and DraftKings prices listed respectively.
  3. Averaged 17-18 Season stats after player’s name.
  • Point Guard

Darren Collison – 14/8/3 [ $6,500 / $6,000 ] Though his game can be all over at times, there’s no denying that Darren Collison has been consistently good for the Pacers. Collison has a little bit of tough matchup against George Hill, but the narrative here is that Collison has played well and may look to crush his former team.

Reggie Jackson – 16/6/3 [ $6,300 / $6,200 ] Since coming back from a lingering injury, Reggie Jackson has not only looked good, but has looked like his old self. In a matchup versus Lonzo Ball, Jackson should be able to exploit the rookies weak defense and generate production from all over.

Tyler Ulis – 7/3 [ $4,700 / $4,000 ] With Eric Bledsoe seemingly out of the rotation, indefinitely, Tyler Ulis looks to rekindle the moments he had near the end of last season. As is the current trend, I fully expect Ulis to come off the bench, but play the same if not more minutes than Mike James.

  • Shooting Guard

Victor Oladipo – 25/3/4 [ $7,900 / $7,700 ] Victor Oladipo has been phenomenal to start the season and has really flipped the script for Indiana after trading Paul George. Oladipo has been the main beneficiary with Turner out and against the Kings nothing much should change here in this one.

Devin Booker – 20/4/6 [ $7,200 / $7,900 ] As the only real factor of keeping the Phoenix Suns somewhat relevant, Devin Booker is the clear cut guy with Eric Bledsoe out. Booker is set to have an awesome game, in a fast pace game against one of the worst defensive teams in the league.

D’Angelo Russell – 19/5/3 [ $7,000 / $7,300 ] D’Angelo Russell has already made a huge impact for the Brooklyn Nets and his teammates clearly believe in him moving forward. This matchup is similar to Booker’s, in that both teams give up a ton of points and both players are in the same kind of role as one another.

  • Small Forward

Giannis Antetokounmpo – 34/10/1 [ $12,600 / $12,500 ] Giannis has been incredible to start the season and leads his team in nearly every relevant category. No matter who you put in front of him, “ABC” has the ability to absolutely dominate, even with Paul George and potentially Andre Roberson on him.

TJ Warren – 14/1/5 [ $5,100 / $5,200 ] The start of the season has been a bit of a bumpy ride for TJ Warren, however, he gets the Nets tonight, in hopes to get on track. This game maybe exactly what Warren needs and I’d be willing to bet he crushes value if this game goes as expected.

Stanley Johnson – 8/1/3 [ $4,500 / $4,300 ] With Tobias Harris sliding over to power forward, Stanley Johnson has seen an increased role and impressed so far. Johnson has a great matchup against the Lakers and more specifically Brandon Ingram, who hasn’t impressed all that much on the defensive end.

  • Power Forward

Tobias Harris – 20/1/4 [ $6,400 / $6,700 ] Tobias Harris has shown that he can score with the best of ’em and produce at a high level, but he has struggled as of late. Harris should have his way tonight against the Lakers, as the Pistons look to attack them from the inside out.

Rondea Hollis-Jefferson – 14/1/5 [ $5,900 / $5,500 ] Rondea Hollis-Jefferson has shown flashes of his potential, but always seems to get in foul trouble or get injured. Hollis-Jefferson has the ability to run with this Suns team and could easily be one of the most important factors in this game.

Thaddeus Young – 12/6 [ $5,800 / $5,200 ] When Myles Turner has been out, Thaddeus Young has seen good usage and played decently over the duration. Young has a tough matchup versus Randolph, however, his style of play, along with Randolph coming off a foot injury, might be exploitable.

  • Center

Andre Drummond – 12/14/1 [ $9,200 / $8,200 ] Andre Drummond is slowly, but surely becoming more consistent and has had some big games already this season. This game has Drummond’s name all over it, as the Lakers continue to struggle against big men such as Drummond.

Steven Adams – 14/8/1 [ $6,600 / $5,800 ] Steven Adams has played better than expected by most and the Milwaukee Bucks struggle versus opposing. Adams is in line for a big game against a Bucks team who loves to attack the rim and get inside, allowing for plenty of boards, steals, and blocks.

Al Jefferson – 8/5 [ $4,400 / $3,600 ] With Myles Turner out and Domantas Sabonis sick, but still playing, Al Jefferson remains a fine play, despite is limited minutes. Though Sabonis is still playing, Jefferson’s ability to create when on the court is what separates him from the mold of bench players.

Extras: Westbrook, Clarkson, Crabbe, Grant, Len.

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