NBA Plays of the Day – 10/29

  1. Plays are based on stats, opposition, and pricing.
  2. FanDuel and DraftKings prices listed respectively.
  3. Averaged 17-18 Season stats after player’s name.
  • Point Guard

Steph Curry – 27/6/4 [ $9,600 / $9,100 ] Steph Curry has been very consistent this season, as evidenced by his free throw percentage, which sits at an incredible 100% with a total of 50 made. Curr’ys price is just simply too low and his recent efforts draw to the conclusion that he will continue this hot start in a nice matchup against Reggie Jackson.

Kemba Walker – 22/5/3 [ $8,300 / $7,900 ] Kemba Walker is a different player when he’s at home, so I guess that saying “home sweet home” must really hit hard for him. Walker is a safe play without Batum to bring down his usage and tonight he gets a matchup against Orlando’s backups, with Elfrid Payton out with a hamstring injury.

De’Aaron Fox – 14/5/4 [ $5,500 / $5,800 ] De’Aaron Fox has had a very impressive start to his rookie campaign and things are only looking up for the kid. Fox is in line for tonight’s start, with the Kings electing to rest George Hill for rest, meaning Fox will get good minutes and a lot of usage in this one.

  • Shooting Guard

D’Angelo Russell – 21/4/4 [ $7,400 / $7,500 ] D’Angelo Russell is by far the best player for the Nets, especially with the awful season ending injury to Jeremy Lin. Russell gets an uptempo game against the speedy Nuggets and should really drive home the point that this is his team against some poor defending point guards in Murray and Mudiay.

Jeremy Lamb – 16/2/4 [ $6,600 / $6,300 ] Since Nicolas Batum went down with an injury, Jeremy Lamb has come into the starting role and filled in smoothly. Lamb’s connection with Kemba Walker only benefits the two, giving Lamb more responsibility in the backcourt, to which he has taken care of.

Gary Harris – 13/2/3 [ $5,600 / $5,600 ] This play is really a toss up between Harris and Barton, [ especially on FanDuel, due to their equal price points ] but with Gary Harris in the starters role he is very safe. The Brooklyn Nets haven’t quite figured out what defense is this year and he could exploit that from all over.

  • Small Forward

LeBron James – 26/8/6 [ $11,300 / $10,700 ] After two great outings against Chicago and Brooklyn, LeBron James looked human against the New Orleans Pelicans. Look for a big bounce back game versus the Knicks, whom LeBron has had huge games against over his illustrious career, thus far.

Tobias Harris – 21/1/4 [ $6,800 / $6,500 ] Tobias Harris is an excellent scorer and is looked at for his production quite often by Van Gundy and the Detroit Pistons. Golden State hasn’t quite been the same team defensively this season, as they’ve given up a ton of points in their recent game, which Harris could add to.

Kelly Oubre Jr. – 12/6 [ $5,300 / $5,400 ] Kelly Oubre Jr. has made a number of starts with Markieff Morris out and Jason Smith recovering from a shoulder injury. Though Smith is back, it has been Oubre Jr. who has taken the helm of the minutes, moving Porter Jr. over to power forward, where he has played quite well.

  • Power Forward

Aaron Gordon – 23/9/1 [ $8,000 / $7,100 ] Aaron Gordon has been great for the Orlando Magic in games he has played in and is starting to look more comfortable at power forward. Gordon who has been known as a back to the basket, athletic combo forward, is advancing his game and gets a nice matchup against Charlotte to continue.

Otto Porter Jr. – 19/2/8 [ $7,600 / $7,100 ] Since shifting over to power forward, with Oubre Jr. taking over at small forward, Otto Porter Jr. has played well and let them expand the floor. Porter Jr. gets a very intriguing matchup against a bigger Sacramento front court, but has the advantage as they seem to struggle against smaller forwards.

Paul Millsap – 15/6 [ $6,800 / $7,000 ] Paul Millsap hasn’t quite looked the same so far this season, as he did when he was with Atlanta, but that was to be expected as he is no longer the number one option. Millsap has an awesome spot versus the Brooklyn Nets who give up a ton of points and struggle on the glass.

  • Center

Nikola Jokic – 14/11 [ $8,700 / $8,900 ] Nikola Jokic has had a tough start to the season and doesn’t look like the Most Improved Player that he was just last year. Good thing for Jokic is he plays the Nets tonight and just like his buddy, Paul Millsap, should breakout here and get back on track to his former success.

Dwight Howard – 14/17/2 [ $8,000 / $7,700 ] Dwight Howard has been the most impressive center so far this season, besides DeMarcus Cousins. Howard is starting to look like his old self back in Orlando, as that tough nosed brick wall who put up consistent numbers and made his team better all around.

Kevin Love – 18/11 [ $7,700 / $7,300 ] Last game was a good sign for Kevin Love, who has some ups and downs to start the season. Despite his numbers, Love just seems lost on the court at times, but with the New York Knicks in town tonight, he should be able to get things flowing and continue producing.

Extras: Augustine, Barton, Crabbe, Labissiere, Kanter.

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