Off The Cuff – Week 8 – #Loaded

What’s scary is, you’re bettin’ against the odds
And you lettin’ these dummies tell ya, you better than what you are
I’m the bar, measurin’ rod
This where we draw the line on your screen
Turnin’ it out like some Etch A Sketch’n knobs.

Week 7 was interesting LOL!

The @FanCaveDFS team had a stellar week. Everybody cashed in all formats. We’re looking to keep this momentum up!
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Down to business…

WEEK 8 … NFL … Let’s go to work …


Carson Wentz – Going against a shitty 9ers 2ndary
Matt Ryan – Going against the cluster fuck Jets 2ndary
Kirk Cousins – Going against a ridiculously soft Cowboys 2ndary
Derek Carr – Going against the ? mark that is the Bills 2ndary

All of the above are in great spots. Obviously, you can pair them with who you want.
I prefer WRs/TEs.

Eagles – Ertz/Jeffery/Agholor – Chalkity Chalk fest Wentz should go off and make the Eagles think they’re going to win the division even more…Spot is fucking tasty

Falcons – Jones/Gabriel/Coleman/Hall – MATT RYAN SPREADS THE LOVE PEOPLE. Obviously they will want to get Julio going AGAIN, but he will be dumping it to every WR. So get creative if you’re stacking with Matty ice.

Washington – Doctson/Pryor Sr./Reed – Cousins looked pretty damn good last week. Doctson is trending upward. Especially against the Cowboys shit show 2ndary who WILL be burnable.

Raiders – Crabtree/Cooper/Cook – After last weeks EPIC game…I think it’s safe to say … The Raiders are BACK. Juicy match-ups across the board

ALSO – Honorable mention to the Bengals. Dalton/LaFell/Green is a chalk rocket waiting to take off. So get your exposure, if you want!


McCoy – Going against the surprisingly bad Raiders D-Line
Powell – Going against a decent yet flawed Falcons D-Line
Bernard – Going against the no-show Colts D-Line
Rawls – Going against a sup par Texans D-Line

All these bruiser’s are in fantastic spots. Safe options for cash or GPP. People will be over thinking yet again!. Not me…I go where the O-Line will feast on the opposing D-Line. This week, NO BELL AGAIN. Unpopular opinion, I know. But, there are plenty of cheaper options that will do better than him. No need to confuse numbers and BULLSHIT.
Which leads me to …


Football 101 ladies and gents. No O-Line … No run game. Here are my week 8 O-Line rankings. Using this will help you understand and choose wiser at the RB position.

1. Raiders – My 2nd favorite O-Line next to my Cowboys. There is no way in hell that the Chiefs match up and do well against them. They are massively stronger, and will overpower them with ease. Get some shares of Mr. Lynch! Beast Mode will be activated this week.
2. Cowboys – Obviously, as a Cowboys fan, I can say we’re not all the right , yet. We miss some of our guys that left. But, we’re looking better and better. They should buy Dak a lot of time to get busy this week!


Cowboys – STRICTLY MATCH UP DRIVEN. Washington lost some serious pieces last week. Our pass rush is coming together. I think, it’s a sneaky good spot.

Pats – BelliTROLL loves taking away major pieces to an Offense. This game will be no different.


Welcome to the back alley…Welcome to the tar pits…Welcome to the crime scene…

Let’s get into my picks for a little #CriminalOwnership !!

Christian McCaffrey – AGAIN. Let’s be clear… His versatility demands respect. If he lines up as a receiver this week, he will be MONEY! DISCLAIMER ALERT – This is risky!

Gio Bernard – Against a wide open Colts run stop!
DISCLAIMER ALERT – The Bengals do not have a solid line through and through. They have players who are good. I see where this is could be a 50/50 shot of being a brutal mauling of the Colts, or a bust because Gio is ehhhhhh ok. I like the upside tho!
#BlountForceTrauma – against the 9ers non existent 9ers run stop!
Get some exposure!!!

Now let’s go kill this slate!!

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I’m Out!


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