NBA Value Plays – 10/18

What’s up y’all?! Honestly it’s good to be back! It’s a New season for the NBA and me. This is my first official article for FanCave and I’m excited for this upcoming season. Joe has done a great job assembling a team of guys who are ready to contribute to the Dfs community. As far as this article goes it’s a little longer than I wanted it to be, but the pricing seems a little loose and there’s a lot of games. So it’ll most likely be shorter next time as we see the official rotations and the pricing adjust.


Tyler Johnson $4,500 – This isn’t the sexiest pick or the most obvious one, but Tyler Johnson can do a lot of different things on the court. So for mid $4,000’s he can bring some value to your lineups. The big question is how much PT will he get?

Jeremy Lin $5,300 – Honestly Lin is one of my favorite Value Plays on this slate. BKN added another run and gun piece in DRUSS which takes the best defender off Lin when they’re on the court together. At his price I expect him the crush value and his matchup with the Pacers is amazing. Lock him in and look for +5x value

Ish Smith $4,300 – This play has a lot more risk involved, but could pay off depending on which Reggie Jackson we see. Ish Smith showed flashes of greatness last year at min price. If Jackson isn’t 100%, Smith could do some damage against Kemba Walker.

Dennis Smith Jr. $4,300 – Smith Jr. has been one of the bigger rookie names so far during the preseason. He reminds me a bit of Russell Westbrook when he got to the league and for that I think he should be given a look at against the Hawks. Honestly, they have no one that should be able to guard him. I expect big numbers from him!


Buddy Hield $4,600 – Buddy will be a big part of the Kings this year. We’ll see if he can live up to the task and he comes in at an interesting price. We all know he can heat up quick and playing against HOU makes him intriguing due to the lack of defense that will be played.

Evan Turner $4,800 – McCollum is out. This is a sneaky play because Turner is a jack of all trades type player. He can really stuff the stat sheet and will have every opportunity in the first game without McCollum.

Jaylen Brown $3,700 – As we saw in his first game last night, Brown has looked to make a pretty big leap from his first year in the NBA. Also, with Hayward going down he gets an even bigger bump. He’s one of my favorite value plays, but I expect him to be chalky.

Avery Bradley $5,300 – The newest addition to the Pistons, will look to be more of an offensive threat this year. Bradley has always been known for his defense, but I have a feeling this year he will be able to showcase a lot more offensively. He has a good matchup against CHA.

Dion Waiters $5,200 – This guy is the exact opposite of Bradley… Strictly known for his offense. But, we saw Waiters really find a home in Miami last year and I think a healthy Dragic makes for a scary backcourt duo. He has a nice matchup against ORL and they don’t have anyone to guard him. So if he’s hitting he has a chance to crush value.

JJ Redick $4,400 – Redick is included in this section because he has a strict role on every team he’s ever been on. The 76ers brought him in for that exact reason… to SHOOT. They will look to him for scoring, especially with their young squad. He has an interestingly low price IMO.


Jeremy Lamb $3,500 – Lamb is in this section because he’s Batum’s replacement. At min price he should get plenty of opportunities to crush value. Also on such a huge slate he will give you options to add the big name players you need in your line, while guaranteeing minutes against a weaker DET team.

Rudy Gay $5,500 – It looks as if Kawhi will miss the Spurs first game and I would imagine Rudy Gay will be stepping into the starting lineup for him. It’ll be interesting to see how Gay plays for a winning team since he’s been used to SAC for the last couple years. But, Pop is a miracle worker and Gay has a low price tag so he’s someone to keep an eye on.

Jayson Tatum $3,500 – As I’m writing this Tatum currently has 21.4 fps thru 3 quarters. He’s played very efficiently so far for Boston getting it done on the glass and scoring. Look for him to be used even more after Gordon Hayward went down with a serious injury. He comes in as another one of my favorite Value Plays for Wednesday.


Jon Leuer $4,300 – Only consider if starting.

Thad Young $5,300 – Revenge game against BKN. Thad always shows up for this game for whatever reason. It should be a fast paced game with not much defense and without PG13 IND will need scoring. I’m looking for a nice double-double from Young.

Dario Saric $5,500 – It’ll be interesting to see how this 76ers team gels. They have so many young + new pieces, but one thing we do know is Saric is a ball player. He’s flashy, can rebound and he gets buckets. He’ll be starting at PF and comes in at a good price.


Alex Len $3,500 – Throughout the preseason Len has looked like he’s trying to take the next step for the Suns. I expect him to push Chandler for his starting spot and while that may not happen for a bit, I think at min price he could do some damage against the Blazers. Especially against their second unit.

Willie Cauley-Stein $4,700 – It’ll be interesting to see how a full season of starting treats WCS. The Kings have a weird mix of vets and young players, but even with additions to ZBO, Vinsanity and Gearge Hill, I still expect them to suck. WCS should get plenty of minutes and he gets a boost tonight in an up tempo game against HOU.

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