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Hey all, out of town for the weekend, sorry this is so late, but I am giving you my picks that I am using this week against the spread. There is no write up, but feel free to tweet @goat_novaduel and I can help you understand why! 


It’s that time of the week where I have already analyzed all of the NFL games (maybe 3 times each) and have to set my picks for my weekly pick’em pool. I am in a high money $1700 entry league where winner takes home $1700 a week, with top 3 paying out at the end of the season, so I take this very seriously. This article (or at least the Thursday night pick) will be coming out by every Thursday at 7:30PM EST. The article will be straight to the point and will explain briefly and in layman’s terms my thoughts on why I am choosing each team.

Last week overview: That was my worst week to date. So many games that could have flopped either way. No excuses, back to the grind!

Overall Record: 38-27

Week 1: 10-6

Week 2: 12-4

Week 3: 6-10

Week 4: 10-6

Week 5: 10-4

Week 6: 1-0

If the spread is “-” that means the away team is getting the points, if it is “+” that means the home team gets the points. 

Away Team (Spread) Home Team 

Eagles -3.5 Panthers

Announced on Twitter: Eagles -3.5

Packers +3.5 Vikings

Pick: Packers

Browns -9.5 Texans

Pick: Texans

Dolphins -10.5 Falcons

Pick: Falcons

49ers -9.5 Redskins

Pick: 49ers

Bears -6.5 Ravens

Pick: Ravens

Lions -4.5 Saints

Pick: Saints

Patriots +9.5 Jets

Pick: Patriots

Rams -2.5 Jaguars

Pick: Jaguars

Buccaneers +2.5 Cardinals

Pick: Buccaneers

Chargers -3.5 Raiders

Pick: Raiders

Steelers -3.5 Chiefs

Pick: Chiefs

Giants -11.5 Broncos

Pick: Broncos

Colts -1.5 Titans

Pick: Titans

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