Upgrade Or Naw? – AP Trade Impact

My people, what’s good witcha’?!?!?

I know that by now you’ve heard the news…AP has been traded to the desert! He’s officially an Arizona Cardinal. But damn, what went wrong in New Orleans? Me personally, I didn’t like the fit at all. That’s Brees’ team and for a back like AP, where O’s are usually wrapped around him, it was a clash in my book.

So, how does this impact the Cards and you Fantasy wise?
Let’s be honest…The cards O-Line is in shambles. No blind side protection what so ever. This is why Carson Palmer is a fade almost every week for me, and in turn, Cards WRs. Is their line better than the Saints? Absolutely. By much? NO. But, they are a team is more driven by the run, so setting up a scheme for AP is going to be WAY EASIER than some think.

Fantasy wise, I’d go pick him up. Cards are going up against some terrible Front 7s. Why not be on the positive side of that? DFS wise…IT DEPENDS ON THE MATCH-UP! I’m not rostering him until he has a cake walk, but you obviously can do as you please.
His style of run is an upgrade, no doubt. I can see him having a few 100+ yard games, if Arians draws it up right. I’d suggest them running out of a power formation. Some light I work, some power sweeps. AP does better when he’s already in movement when he gets the ball.

BUT…we shall see!

That’s it for me y’all. I’ll see you all tomorrow for a brand new OFF THE CUFF!
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