NBA Plays of the Day – 10/10

Another 5 game slate is what we’ve been handed tonight, and most games have a lot to offer. We will see, for the first time this preseason, LeBron James and how he plays without Kyrie Irving, as well as star a powered game in Denver against the Thunder. Ok, let’s take a look at some plays!

  1. Plays are based on stats, opposition, and pricing.
  2. FanDuel and DraftKings prices listed respectively.
  • Point Guard(s):

Ricky Rubio [ $7,000 / $6,500 ] – Known primarily for being a pass first, assist driven point Guard, Ricky Rubio seems to be more in the scoring mood in Utah. Last night, Rubio scored 20 points, on 8-10 shooting, and had 3 steals in just 15 minutes.

Derrick Rose [ $5,500 / $4,200 ] – Thomas isn’t ready to go and probably won’t be for a while longer, making Rose the clear cut number one option to run the point. Though he’s not what he used to be, he could certainly turn back the clock in his hometown.

Jerian Grant [ $3,700 / $4,500 ] – Pretty much the only proven and healthy point guard left in Chicago is Jerian Grant. While Grant won’t go off for crazy numbers, he’s more than cable of scoring double digits along with a nice serving of assists.

  • Shooting Guard(s):

DeMar DeRozan [ $7,800 / $8,400 ] – With Avery Bradley more than likely out tonight for the Pistons, this is a no brainer. DeMar DeRozan is one of the league’s best scorers and should have a field day against whoever they try to matchup with him.

Will Barton [ $4,800 / $5,500 ] – Coming off the bench against the Thunder is a great situation for a guy like Will Barton. As a productive scorer, Barton should take advantage of an awful Oklahoma City bench in his 20+ minutes.

Justin Holiday [ $3,600 / $4,500 ] – I’m honestly expecting a blowout here in this one, especially with LeBron James back for Cleveland. With that in mind, Justin Holiday is a point productive player off the bench and can really just do it all. 

  • Small Forward(s):

LeBron James [ $10,400 / $9,600 ] – LeBron James, the best player in the league, is set to make his preseason debut, tonight. Although he is in play for a triple double every night, Ty Lue did say he was a little rusty in practice, so play with caution.

Paul George [ $8,500 / $7,600 ] – George has meshed nicely with his new team so far this preseason and has played a minimum of 26 minutes per game. The Nuggets play at a pretty quick pace, allowing PG to take advantage of transitions and sloppiness.

Tobias Harris [ $5,600 / $5,900 ] – Tobias Harris has played just a well as anyone else in the preseason so far. As the Pistons look for point production, with others out or getting back to full strength, they will rely on Harris and his game to get them there.

  • Power Forward(s):

Paul Millsap [ $8,000 / $7,700 ] – Paired with Jokic, Millsap’s game gets just that much better. This preseason, Millsap has scored double digits every time and been consistently productive throughout the entire score sheet.

Julius Randle [ $6,500 / $6,800 ] – Lonzo Ball is out again tonight, meaning Randle and Ingram will see much more usage for the Lakers. The Jazz have a solid frontcourt in Favors and Gobert, but his game has taken a step up and he will see lots of action.

Aaron Gordon [ $6,300 / $6,900 ] – Resting yesterday, Aaron Gordon should have a fresh pair of legs to get right at a slower-footed Spurs frontcourt. Gordon has played nicely this preseason and looks to carry on against San Antonio.

  • Center:

Nikola Jokic [ $8,700 / $8,500 ] – Denver’s offense comes from the inside and works out to its shooters. Nikola Jokic is one of the most versatile big men and should cause fits even for a hard nose defender like Steven Adams.

Rudy Gobert [ $8,100 / $8,000 ] – Now that Gordon Hayward is no longer on the Jazz, Rudy Gobert is the man moving forward. Going against the Lakers, with a now healthy Brook Lopez, I like his chances to have a highly productive night.

Boban Marjanovic [ $3,000 / $4,700 ] – If Andre Drummond is out tonight, Boban Marjanovic will likely step into the starting role again. Last preseason game, Boban played 21 minutes and had 14 points as well as 5 rebounds.

* Yes, I do know Westbrook is playing tonight…

Extras: Smith, Clarkson, Kuzma, Anthony, Love.

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