NFL Week 4 – Lineup Locks

Roses are red, violets are blue, a 28-3 lead is what the Falcons blew….Ok I had to get that out the way.

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls welcome to the first ever Santiago’s NFL Locks of the week. But before we get started make sure your following the entire @FanCaveDFS Staff, we bring nothing but fire every single day.

Alright let’s get started! Santiago’s first lock of the NFL Year is none other than Odell Beckham Jr. (Did anyone see his 2 touchdowns last week? How about his stupid celebration?). Anyways lets take a deeper look into this matchup.

He will face off against a Bucs Secondary that is just terrible. The Bucs top cornerback, according to PFF, is Vernon Hargreaves (I had never heard of him before) and he is ranked in the mid-80s among qualified cornerbacks…so we have that best wide receiver in the league taking on a team with terrible cornerback. The other starting cornerback for the Bucs is Brent Grimes and he’s ranked even lower than Hargreaves according to PFF.

Let’s make this simpler. OBJ And Eli connected for two touchdowns vs decent cornerbacks and OBJ only played 80% of the snaps as he is still getting healthy. This week they get a matchup vs a terrible secondary so as a DFS player, there is only one thing to do, and that is lock and load OBJ in all formats.

Our second lineup lock is none other that old man Larry Fitzgerald. Since David Johnson went down Fitzgerald has averaged 11 targets a game. This week he get a CB that is ranked as one of the 12 worst cornerbacks in all of football according to PFF in K’Waun Williams. Through three weeks Williams has been targeted 19 times.

Then we also look at DVOA and we see that The 49ers are ranked #30 vs slot receivers and as you all know Fitz is a slot receiver. Sunday afternoon, Fitzgerald draws a cake matchup against a team that just allowed Sammy Watkins go off for two touchdowns and 100+ yards receiving. I expect about the same if not more from Fitzgerald.

A little bonus information for you guys.. Larry Fitzgerald’s last 4 vs. 49ers: 9-134-2, 10-66, 6-81-2, 12-132…Those numbers were with a healthy running game going…

Thank you all for reading as that wraps up my debut edition of Lineup Locks on FanCave! Stay tuned next week for more.

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