NFL Week 4 Survivor Picks

Hey all, Matt here (NOVA), super excited about this new endeavor I have been chosen to partake in with my boys Joe Metz, Jacob Wright and many many others. Pumped to not only be able to be a part of a new up-and-coming community, but also glad to be able to have a way to communicate effectively with all of YOU!

This article serves as a help guide for those participating in “Survivor” leagues. Below you will find my top 3 picks of the week, with a brief description of why they are worth choosing. There will be a rating between 1-5 on “safety” of each pick, as well as a rating for value of each team being chosen. For those that don’t know, a survivor pool is a pool of competitors, where each week you are given the task to chose a team who you think will win.

You may only chose the team once throughout the season. So there is a strategy to this… First you are going to want to take a look at the value of each team later on in the season. For example the Browns would have a value rating of 0, because they have a very small chance of getting a win throughout the season. A team like the Patriots will have the value of 5 because any given week you can chose them and they have a high probability of winning, so you will want to save the high value teams as long as possible. Secondly, you look at the safety of each pick, so you know they will win their matchup.

Picks up to date (Week 4):

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  1. This week there are multiple picks that I am thinking of using. My first pick that I  am probably going to be going with is the Seattle Seahawks. They have opened up this week as 13.5 point favorites. They have not looked good and I don’t think I am comfortable playing them against many other teams. So lets get it done now against a team that should be very beatable, especially at home.                                                    Safety Rating: 5  | Value Rating: 3

  2. The second team that I am heavily considering is the Arizona Cardinals. They have looked very good and are playing a weak SF team. I don’t see SF being able to even keep this close. Lock them in with semi-confidence.                                                           Safety Rating: 3   |  Value Rating: 2

  3. Lastly I will be going with the Green Bay Packers over the Chicago Bears. There is no way the Bears are as good as the Steelers made them out to be. The Packers opened up 6.5 point favorites and I have a feeling Aaron Rodgers comes out firing. This one is too easy to me.                                                                                               Safety Rating: 5   |   Value Rating: 4 (Would be a 5 but they are playing the Browns on Dec 10 and that will be an easy win as well)

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