Duck, Duck, Goose. NFL Picks ATS

Hmmm. It’s that time of the week where I have already analyzed all of the NFL games (maybe 3 times each) and have to set my picks for my weekly pick’em pool. I am in a high money $1700 entry league where winner takes home $1700 a week, with top 3 paying out at the end of the season, so I take this very seriously. This article will be coming out by every Thursday at 7:30PM EST. The article will be straight to the point and will explain briefly and in layman’s terms my thoughts on why I am choosing each team.

Overall Record Since Week 3: 1-0

If the spread is “-” that means the away team is getting the points, if it is “+” that means the home team gets the points. 

Away Team (Spread) Home Team 

Rams +2.5 49ers

No need for this one, but I had chosen 49ers to cover this spread at home. They had faced two tough teams and last week really showed that their defense is above average but their offense not so much. Rams defense the week before didn’t look too good and it was a division matchup toss-up so I took the 49ers at home.

Pick: 49ers +2.5

Ravens +4.5 Jaguars

The Ravens have always been really good against bad offenses. The Jags defense last week showed that it did have some holes. They are still good but I think the Ravens put up the points to cover this game.

Pick: Ravens -4.5

Falcons +3.5 Lions

This is going to be a fun game to watch. The Falcons offense vs the Lions defense. I do not think the Lions can keep the Falcons within the spread and I have the Falcons covering.

Pick: Falcons -3.5

Browns +1.5 Colts

Oh lord, this is not going to be one of my games to watch. I am not even going to explain this. I will take the Colts just because I watched them last week against the Cardinals. THEY DON’T EVEN HAVE TO COVER!

Pick: Colts +1.5

Giants -4.5 Eagles

I think the Eagles will bully the Giants on defense. Their offense has looked above average too. I have the Eagles winning by double digits.

Pick: Eagles -4.5

Buccaneers -2.5 Vikings

This was close for me… Until Bradford was ruled out. This is the Bucc’s first road game, but they looked good last week and I think they win outright.

Pick: Buccaneers +2.5

Steelers +7.5 Bears

The Bears have nothing going for them. Their running back situation is a mess. They aren’t good at all on defense. On the other hand the Steelers have an above average defense and one of the best offenses in the NFL. I think Brown and Bell have a field day and they win by 18+.

Pick: Steelers -7.5

Dolphins +6.5 Jets

Another super bad team playing. The Jets have nothing going for them and they play a dolphins team with superstar Jay Ajayi. He is going for 125 yards and 2 touchdowns. Jets don’t have a chance to stop the Dolphins in this. Dolphins by 10+

Pick: Dolphins -6.5

Saints -5.5 Panthers

Divisional matchups always bring the best out of both teams. The Panthers offense has been pretty bad this season although starting off 2-0. The Saints offense is explosive as always and the Panthers haven’t played an offense like this yet. This is a close matchup for me, but I will take the points on the road for the Saints.

Pick: Saints +6.5

Broncos +2.5 Bills

The Broncos looked REALLY good last week. The Bills only hope is Lesean and we saw what they did to Zeke last week. I think they have another good week and easily cover against the Bills.

Pick: Broncos -2.5

Texans -13.5 Patriots

The Patriots in the last 3 years are 3-0 against the Texans and 8-1 all time. Over the past three years their victories have an average margin of 22 points. This was one of the easier picks of the week for me.

Pick: Patriots -13.5

Seahawks -2.5 Titans

Wow the Seahawks looked really bad last weekend, putting up 12 points, while the Titans looked really good (even though they were playing the Jags). I think the Titans get the win here at home.

Pick: Titans -2.5

Bengals -9.5 Packers

This was the hardest one for me. I’ve been going back and fourth on this. Bengals have a new offensive coordinator which I think will help. The Packers like to put up points and I don’t think the Bengals can keep up.

Picks: Packers -9.5

Chiefs +3.5 Chargers

Chiefs have looked good. The Chargers defense is alright. If the Chiefs can hold Melvin Gordon in tact I think they win by double digits. The Chargers will be very desperate for a win after 0-2 but I don’t think they keep this close.

Pick: Chiefs -3.5

Raiders +3.5 Redskins

I absolutely hate the Redskins, the Raiders are real and very dangerous although their defense is a little weak. Although the Raiders are traveling across the country I think they get it done!

Pick: Raiders -3.5

Cowboys +3.5 Cardinals

After a brutal game by Zeke, I think he turns it around and gets going this game. I think the Cowboys will bounce back after their brutal loss against Denver. Although it is their second of back-to-back road games. They cover easily.

Pick: Cowboys -3.5


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