NFL Waiver Wire – Week 3

Good evening! Welcome to the fan cave! Tuesday nights are for boneless wings and waiver wire pick ups and I’m here to give you one of the two. I started this segment last week by introducing a Periscope to talk about Waiver Wire adds that I would consider going into week 2 so expect this to be a weekly thing from me! Lets get things kicked off! Football is back baby! WOOOO!

I’ll break my waiver wire adds down by position and at the end name a few guys who I think you can be comfortable with dropping. We’ll call that the Drop Dungeon.


Trevor Siemian (Own 13.6%) – Two weeks ago if you told me that I would be writing this I would have laughed in your face and told you to quit messing with me. The Broncos are SCARY and it’s largely because of this 25 year old beast. Through his first 2 weeks he is the 2nd rank fantasy quarterback and has thrown 6, yes SIX touchdown passes. CJ Anderson is running the ball with authority which allows Siemian to throw the ball with more confidence and opportunities. Not to mention this guy is finally realizing he has fuego receivers around him in Thomas and Sanders and building rapport with them. I see Siemian as a must add this week, especially if you’re weak on the QB side of things. Get him before it’s too late because he plays the garbage can Oakland secondary in week 4.

Alex Smith (Own 42.2%) – We got the number 2 fantasy QB in the article why don’t we get the number 1? 5 touchdowns for 619 yards in 2 games and he has Travis Kelce, Kareem Hunt and Tyreek Hill on the roster. Do you really need more convincing than that? This Chiefs team is SCARY. This Chiefs team put up 42 points in a prime time spot against the freaking Patriots. Yes oh Yes oh Yes I like Alex Smith. This team puts up points. They move the ball and he should be a top option on all fantasy teams this upcoming week.

Wide Receivers:

I’m gonna run through RB/WR/TE’s pretty quickly and not give too much insight, but feel free to reach out to me on Twitter with any questions or concerns @DFSClutchBoy

J.J. Nelson (Own 20.7%) – No David Johnson, John Brown unlikely to play in week 3, Larry Fitzgerald old as Betty Crocker… We are running out of weapons… 5 catches 120 yards and a touchdown last week against the Colts… Need I say more? Ok, he gets a match up against the Cowboys next week who just gave up 42 points to the Broncos and gets to play the atrocious 49ers in week 4. Pick Nelson up, he’s the top WR left I promise.

Allen Hurns (7.6%) – I was lucky enough to be on this guy last week, but come on ESPN only 5.3% of y’all added this man last week? DO BETTER! What did you think was going to happen when their number one receiver went down for the entire season? Maybe, just maybe they’d trust the guy who put up 1,031 yards and 10 reception touchdowns just a season ago and is still only 25 years of age. Allen gets Baltimore this week who has shown they can stop the run. Expect Bortles to air it out, oh yeah Jets in week 4 too. 6 catches, 82 yards and a touchdown last week. Hurns is arguably the best add on the board.

Deeper League add:

Rashard Higgins (0.4%) – Coleman broke his hand. Higgins saw 7 catches and 95 yards. I’m not a sold believer yet, but in deeper 12-14 man PPR leagues you can look to him as a streaming option for the flex spot against a high school Colts secondary. Also if he is somehow able to carve out a significant role his match ups don’t get harder with the 2 worst teams in the NFL weeks 4 and 5 (Bengals and Jets).

Running Backs:

Awwww the tough part. Everyone and their mother needs running backs at this time of the year. Let me try to shed some light on guys you may be able to snag up.

Javorius (Buck) Allen (8.6%) – First and foremost let me say this because I have a lot of friends that are Ravens fans and I don’t get to pick on them much, but Joe Flacco is awful. He spends his paychecks at Horseshoe casino and throws hundreds of dollars into BlackJack. Anyways Buck has carried the ball 35 times in the first 2 weeks and it looks like he’s in for a heavy workload in Baltimore. The Ravens love the idea of screens and plugging the running backs with plenty of catches so Buck has an appeal and upside in PPR leagues. The reason for this is because if Flacco tries to throw the ball more than 14 yards it normally results in an interception. Pick up the heavy workload beast for week 3.

Chris Carson (9.7%) This offense is a MESS, but Carson saw 20 carries last week and was actually able to eclipse 93 yards. He has some softer match ups coming up so pick him up if you need a RB.

Samaje Perine (2.2%) Oakland… 21 carries last week… Fat Rob hurt… This dude has straight butter coursing his fingertips… Yeah I don’t know guys I don’t like Perine and never have as a Redskins fan, but based purely off of volume and match up he is a streaming option for RB2/Flex this week.

Tight End: 

Evan Engram (10.7%) – 8 snags over the last 2 weeks. Manning trusts the young gun. Even grabbed a touchdown last week. Definitely a good option if you need a tight end.

I really don’t like any other Tight Ends, but it’s a very streamable position I’m sure something will pop up.


Stream it, plug it. Look who is playing the Jets or the Bengals


Not Younghoe Koo…..

Time for the brand new segment to add to the cave! I’m excited about this one and we are going to call it the #DropDungeon …. where trash cans that are stinking up the NFL have found a home. These are the guys you should be comfortable dropping off your lineup and picking up a guy with more upside.

#DropDungeon :

Tyrod Taylor (Own% – 15.2%) – This dude is a bust… He gets a very difficult match up in the Brocnos this weekend and I’m not comfortable with this guy taking up a spot on my roster. I’d way rather reach out to attempt to get a guy like Alex Smith or Trevor Siemian the goat.

Allen Robinson (Own% – 91.9%) – Out for the year fam. Dump him, go pick up Hurns.

Greg Olsen (Own% – 100%) – As a guy I was very high on preseason, it really saddens me to have to write this 🙁

Eddie Lacy (Own% – 95.6%) – 5 carries in 2 weeks… This dude is washed up. You will find him in the local Burger King lobby in just a few Sunday’s.

That will wrap up week 3’s waiver wire adds and the first journey to the #DropDungeon. I’m very excited to be a part of FanCave and we have some huge things planed!


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